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The 5 day meal plan package runs from Monday to Friday and costs £99 / £125.

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We deliver within the Cardiff area. If further than 5 miles from the city centre, please call to confirm.

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Meal plans are prepared to start on a Monday, for 5 days.
All our food is freshly prepared by our chef, daily.


3. Disclaimer

All our food may contain nuts, dairy, gluten, egg, shellfish, soy, nitrate, sulphate and any other ingredients that may be harmful to the consumer.

We strongly recommend that before starting any diet or weight loss plan you should seek medical advice. Café Pure Meal Plans allow you to view all the food content of your diet programme before you start your plan send this to medical adviser before starting your diet. None of the information provided by Café Pure is a substitute for medical advice or any medical treatment. You should not use our websites or our services if you are underweight, pregnant, or breastfeeding, or under 18 years of age or if you have any medical condition which affects your dietary requirements. Please email or print your chosen meal plan to show your doctor or nutritionist or your dietician to show them exactly what you intend to have delivered before you start any diet plan. Please contact a member of staff if you would like more information in regards to food content and ingredients.

All food is prepared correctly and cooked thoroughly when it leaves Café Pure premises. Café Pure cannot accept any liability for food when it has been reheated, however please follow the heating instructions that are provided.

Café Pure also cannot take liability for any allergies or intolerances to food that have not been declared when ordering food.

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